Thanksgiving Massacre, Bucs Stink, Anthony Lynn’s seat is HOT

The gang recaps their respective Thanksgiving’s: Tristan successfully deep fried a turkey, Kelli successfully cooked a meal, and Dubs held things together during the Cowboys game so good things all around. Anthony Lynn and the Chargers play-calling are starting to give the good, innocent, football watching Americans a consistent migrane each week and it hit its tipping point on Sunday in Buffalo. The Raiders could not provide a more fraudulent performance than what they did in Atlanta. And the Bucs have yet to figure it out. Baseball gave us some headlines this week with the news that the Phillies have gone broke and can’t afford to re-sign their All-Star catcher JT Realmuto (such a shame). College football made history in two ways this week: Sarah Fuller became the first woman to play in a college football game as she was poached from the Vanderbilt women’s soccer team to be the men’s placekicker and Buffalo running back Jaret Patterson broke reality (409 rushing yards and 8 touchdowns).

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