Dodgers are Champs, the Chargers are the new Falcons, and the Pats are Dead

Kelli gets her monologue on the Dodgers being World Series champs for the first time since 1988. The White Sox hired the Hall of Famer, no literally he’s in the Hall of Fame, Tony LaRussa to take over as manager. Steve Cohen buys the Mets and the spending spree is ON. Kelli takes issue with Dubs calling her and Tristan his Goats of the Week as she’s gone 9-0 in the past 3 weeks. Tristan teeters on calling the Packers frauds after immediately tossing the Bills on his F Word list. The gang finishes up by trying to figure out the NFC East dumpster fire NBC aired on Sunday Night (which no one was waiting for all day).

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