Dubs & Mikey: NBA Boycotts, Thom Brennaman, MLB’s Unwritten Rules, Earl Thomas Drama

News breaks of the boycotts in the NBA as the guys are live, so they give their thoughts on the past few days and the impact the players are looking to have on society. They then get into recapping Round 1 so far, how Luka Doncic has put the Mavericks on his back and the world on notice, and predicting how the remaining series’ will play out. The boys then jump into the MLB’s unwritten rules debate and how the old timers hate good young talent. Thom Brennaman’s hot mic disaster also steps into the limelight as his career plunges down the toilet. Take It or Leave It features Brett Brown (and his untucked shirt outfit), Big Ben, and Chris Webber. The guys finish things off with the developing Earl Thomas news, the surprising lack of a hot market for him, and where the All-Pro might end up before the season starts.

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