With the Red Sox out of it, why have we not heard from Colbert?

It’s now early August. Many division races have been decided. The Dodgers have wrapped up the NL West with ease. The Astros have done the same in the AL West. And yeah yeah yeah the Yankees have kinda done it, too…yes, I did just gag a little.

With that said, and the Red Sox essentially eliminated from contending for a playoff spot being 14.5 back of the Yanks and 5.5 back of the second wild card, one has to wonder…where has Colbert been?

It’s very easy to be the fan that’s heard when your team is winning 108 games and the World Series. Or the excited and loud co-host after your team wins its sixth Super Bowl in your lifetime. Or even be borderline delusional after the Celtics took one game from Milwaukee (I am somewhat guilty of this as well but we’re not gonna harp on that).

Point being, the people deserve some answers or, at the very least, an update on how you’re feeling when your team is dead and buried. I did it when the Cowboys fell to 3-5 after a beatdown to the Titans on MNF. I also did it in San Francisco with the Mets after a 16-inning marathon that left me questioning if I should give up on this sports thing (my doctor has recommended it on several occasions). I also kind of called it when I said Kyrie was the issue with the Celtics in the winter, yeah saw it coming from a mile away, no big deal.

See a pattern? Yes, all my teams are comeback kings who rise from the dead and provide endless entertainment for the good people of America. What can I say, everyone loves a good comeback story. But the OTHER pattern is sometimes you’ve got to fall on your sword and wave the white flag. After laughing our guest and noted Yankee fan, Dylan Rossiter, out of the building when he predicted the Bronx Bombers to end the season with 97 wins, a prediction that looks more and more likely, it only seems right to surrender to your daddies

Look, I’m not here to boast my ability to sit down and look into a camera or mic and let the people know my team is officially a loser. It is kind of courageous and heroic, though, but you know what they say…not all heroes wear capes. 

I just innocently sit here as a Jared Colbert fan waiting for a video, blog, text, tweet, handwritten letter, or highway banner to let me know how he’s feeling about the current state of the Red Sox and their lack of desire to improve a league worst bullpen at the trade deadline. Shane Greene, Will Smith, and Edwin Diaz were all attainable at the right price. And so was Craig Kimbrel until early June for that matter. But I guess watching a team who spent $165 million less than you absolutely dominate and bury you is cool, too. To be fair, I wouldn’t know. But he would.

And as a fan of a team currently in playoff contention, 17-6 since the All-Star break and best in baseball during that stretch, I DESPERATELY want to know what it must be like to be out of it during such an exciting time in baseball. Is that too much to ask for? I guess we’ll just have to continue to wait and see…

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