Dubs & Mikey Ep. 4

The guys hop back on the pod to talk winners and losers (literally just the Knicks) in NBA free agency as well as how they see the new faces in new places working out. Dubs’s man Kawhi is still on the market and the brothers debate on if his legacy would be tainted if he joined LeBron and AD in the purple and gold. Baseball talk starts and the brothers try to avoid talking about the Mets until Mikey nearly pisses himself of laughter (34:35) for several minutes. They then discuss the football games that was the London Series, the Home Run Derby, JK Simmons being an absolute beefcake for no reason in “Whiplash”, why anyone would voluntarily eat Blaze pizza, and the Yankees newest international signing being compared to God…yes you read that right. All that and more on this installment of Dubs & Mikey!

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