Dubs Needs to Shut Up and Enjoy This Caps Victory

Have either me or Dubs ever claimed to be hockey fanatics? That’d be a definite no, so take his video and this blog with a grain a salt. With that, Dubs getting so worked up over the results of the Stanley Cup Finals? Well I find that a little ridiculous. Part of why the NHL is a better overall league than the NBA is that the NBA is featuring two teams facing off for the fourth straight time. Meanwhile on the ice, hockey fans got to enjoy two franchises (one new and one not so new) fight and scrap for their first Cup. To be honest, you couldn’t go wrong with either story line. If the Golden Knights won it would’ve been the greatest expansion team in the history of sports (though they still are). With the Capitals winning, it is the first D.C. championship in 26 years. It’s also Alex Ovechkin’s first Stanley Cup after years and years of fizzling out in the playoffs.

Along with Dubs, I was also pulling for the Golden Knights. An expansion team in the championship series, let alone performing anywhere close to half decent, is nearly unheard of. That being said, who am I to hate on Ovechkin? This guy has been working his absolute ass in the league, but no one truly wanted to give him credit due to the glaring hole in his resume. He would get beat by Crosby and the Pens time and time again, which if there’s a true enemy in this league it’s that guy. People like Dubs see a team like the Caps in the playoffs and instantly write them off, and I don’t blame them. However, Ovi had enough, put on his big boy pants and made a Herculean effort to take this team to their first Stanley Cup. Ovechkin saw a stigma, sought to reverse it, and did so successfully. That absolutely deserves some credit and some praise. So what does Dubs do?

He complains about it. Just because it’s a Washington team. Was it a Philly team whose fans are insufferable? No. Was it the Nationals? You know, a team that Dubs actually doesn’t like because they beat up on the Mets a lot. Also no. Dubs is just lashing out and goes on this “rant” pretending to care about hockey teams. He can’t admit that it’s actually a cool story, and that the legacy of Alex Ovechkin is now solidified. Though, trying to convince Dubs that Ovi is a great hockey player might be a little tougher than I thought…



P.S. Taking a cheap shot at Boston teams in a rant about Washington teams? Typical Dubs, lashing out and never staying on topic.

P.P.S. #HeightGate

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